Nesting is a strange thing. Even though I have been absolutely exhausted from pregnancy, during the past 3 months, I have also been frantic trying to get EVERY LITTLE DETAIL for birth, postpartum, and nursery decor/supplies nailed down. Some of the preparation I did was necessary, like organizing Will's clothes and washing them. However, some of the preparation was bizarre - like urge I had to compile all his cards and make a little book for him, prepping 8 crock pot dinners in one day, or the panic that set in at the thought of not having an outline of to do's for Jason during each stage of labor. Last weekend I started sobbing because we needed a changing table and hadn't found one. Can you say hormones?

Today marks the final day for nesting. The last thing on my baby prepping to-do list was to get storage bins and a rocking chair from Ikea. Done and done. Little William, feel free to come any time. 

Tableau on Will's changing table

 xoxo E


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