I'm back!

I have been kind of neglecting my blog lately.  J and I have found ourselves in one of those busy seasons of life where there is barely even time to breathe.

Here are some things that have been keeping us busy:
1.  Minsitry Team Development meetings. 

Part of J's new job involves meeting with people to form a ministry team, people who will be praying for him, supporting him, and providing other contacts for him to meet with as he prepares to go on staff at our church.  I get to go with him when he meets with couples and the ladies.  It has been so wonderful to hear stories of what God is doing all over the place and realize he isn't just active in our little bubble; he's working everywhere.  Here is a shot from a recent meeting with J's wrestling coach from high school, Mike.  Mike recounted what J was like back in the day; apparently, very quiet, shy, and TINY!!!  It's hard to believe.  He and his wife go on missions around the world and participate in sharing the gospel with unreached nations.

2. Having out of town guests up to visit.

This last weekend my friend Charlie, from high school, took the bus up on Saturday to spend the afternoon with us.  He recently moved from out of state to a town nearby, and his sister, Julia, moved to our city.  We went to my favorite little cafe for some americanos, then J and I gave him a brief tour of campus.  His mom went to our school back in the day for Library Science.  It was a short visit because we had a wedding to get to, but it is always good to see an old friend, even if it is just for a bit.

Two weekends ago, my friend Sara, who I grew up with, came and stayed with us as a stop in her epic roadtrip.  We decided to be tourists and explore town.  My favorite part of her visit was hanging out at a local coffee shop reading together - Sarah is the kind of friend who you can be quiet with and not feel this pressure to fill the silence with random chit chat. 

The weekend before Sarah came up, her brother, Graeme, stopped by for a night.  He was in our neck of the woods to shoot a wedding and needed a place to crash.  We went to a hole-in-the-wall restauraunt with the best Thai in town, where the chefs are ninjas and throw the pans around.  Seasoned customers, like ourselves, sit at the counter, and duck, unfazed, when a heavy iron pan comes swinging full speed towards their heads.  It is quite an experience!  Later J and Graeme jumped off a bridge into the cold dark lake while I waited in the car.  I don't do heights.  I don't have a picture of Graeme's visit, but I do have a picture from our visit to Montana to see their family about a month ago.  The bike is constructed out of two little girls' bikes that Graeme welded together. 

Another blogging inhibitor, is that my computer, for some reason, will not pick up the internet signal in our apartment, and J is ALWAYS on his for work. So, unless I go on in the wee hours of the morning, or late at night, I am without computer. Sad =o(

I really enjoy blogging, though; I've always loved writing and I, serioulsy, crave a creative outlet when I'm working mindlessly all day.  I want to start scheduling creative time into my hectic life.  I always tell myself, oh I'll scrapbook, paint, write, read, garden, bake, sing, etc. when I get some free time.  It's time to face the music - there is no such thing as free time right now.  If I want to do the things I love, I need to make them happen. 

On another note, my goal of waking up earlier has been going pretty well lately.  We've been making an effort to hit the hay a little earlier every night, and though I'm still not a perky morning person, I've gotten a lot more alert.  It is a start. 

Xoxo E


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