Ice Water

About a week ago, I was eating lunch in a spare office in our new building, because we don't have a table in the kitchen yet.  I was about to take a bite into a delicious sandwich, when my colleague, Maria, ran in with a panicked look on her face and exclaimed, "the water dispenser just exploded and is gushing hot water all over the floor of the kitchen; what do I do?!"  The sandwich was set aside, and I ran in after her to behold the chaos.  Hot water was, indeed, spewing out the air vents of our machine. 

We scrambled to fill as many cups as we could of hot water from the cooler, until it stopped it's incessant flow, and then proceeded to mop/wipe the hot water from the floor.  I'm pretty sure we both got some severe burns in the process; the water was REALLY hot!

Our water guy (yes those actually exist) came in to assess the damage.  "Well ladies, it looks like it's broken.  I can probably get you a new one in a couple of weeks."

This leaves us with several cold water sources to choose from:
1. The water fountain in the hallway. (Sadly, the little guy pooped out after a few days of our frequent use.  Now, all it can do is sputter up a few drops before wheezing apologetically).
2. The cold water from the tap. (Not cold enough).
3. We can do things the old fashioned way and use Ice.  We bought some ice trays, and this has been working out pretty well for us.

I think I may have become an ice convert.  It is more work, you have to refill the tray and pound the ice tray to get it out, but I really enjoy smashing the tray against the counter and watching the ice jump up.  It is cathartic. 

Ice at home isn't as fun.  For some reason our ice get's this weird reddish orange tint to it.  I keep hoping this is a result of rusty water (our building has old pipes) and not mold.  Can freezers even grow mold?

This weekend I think I will empty out our nasty ice trays and make some berry ice cubes, like these:

Source: Simply Fabulous

Have a good weekend!
Xoxo E


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