Some Lovely Rooms I've Had in my File of Pretty Pics

Source: Dress, Design, and Decor

Cute corner desk nook.  Jason and I have been brainstorming how to fit a desk in our room.  This little corner nook would be perfect!

Source: Italian Country Living

I think I will have a lifelong passion for canopy beds.  It all started with Cinderella when I was a little kid; those stepsister beds are fantastic!  Then it continued when my Dad let me get a pink ballerina canopy bed at his house - I felt like a real princess every time I slept in it.  Canopies are so much more feminine and romantic than regular beds; these canopies with the intricate swirling on top are especially lovely. 

 Source: Leibowitz and McLachlan

I miss bubble baths!  Jason tried to make me a nice relaxing bubble bath one night in our little apartment tub, and the thing wouldn't hold the water; so sad!

Source: Restoration Hardware

Such a pretty nursery!  No babies yet for us though, now is not the time.  Someday, though, God willing. This nursery would be perfect for a little girl.  (I have her name picked out already - Ella Grace)!

Have a lovely weekend!

Xoxo E


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