The general tradition is for little girls to be daddy's girls - this was the case with me and my poppa bear.  Some of my favorite daddy memories are:
  •  Playing "Pretty Pretty Princess" - I actually tried to let him win because it was so funny to see my big stoic dad with the crown on his head, lol. 
  •  He would take me trick-or-treating every year and we would always coordinate our costumes, for example when I was Dorothy, he was the scarecrow, etc. 
  • We really liked to go to the pool and, unlike all the other boring dads who laid around in lounge chairs the whole time, my dad played with me in the water!  The best was when he would throw me across the whole pool!
  • Our road trip to check out U of A (one of the schools I applied to for college) - It wasn't super exciting, but it was nice to just hang out and talk while we drove there.
  • Father daughter high school dances - so fun!
  • Dinner at our favorite spot - CPK!!!
  • One of my new favorite dad stories - The wedding party is all lined up waiting to go down the aisle. The first bridesmaid starts walking, and my dad turns to me and is like - "Elizabeth, we need to talk."  My initial reaction is "Dad, really, now?"  He goes, "yes, I have something for you.  Your grandparents couldn't be here today, but this is a locket that was my mom's" and he pulls out this little jewelry case with my grandmother's locket and a picture of her and my grandpa and a set of pearl jewelry - a necklace, earrings and a bracelet.  My cousin frantically starts helping me put the pearls on before she had to walk down.  It was so sweet. 
  • And my all time favorite story!!!  My friend Kelly and I were outside climbing the giant ficus tree in the backyard and I got too ambitious and climbed much too high.  I started freaking out - and calling "DADDYYYY!"  He came and rescued me from the tree, because he is awesome!
 Happy Father's Day Dad!!!

Xoxo E


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