{Good Music Monday} Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend - Marilyn Monroe

I watched "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" over the weekend for the first time.  It wasn't the best movie, but it was your classic musical, complete with a double wedding at the end, and I adore musicals.  Also, acting was pretty good.  There is a part where Marilyn is admiring a tiara and her fingers start twitching, so subtle - it was fantastic!  I also love that Jane Russell and Marilyn were good friends in real life.

The two stars, Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe, became friends, with Russell describing Monroe as "very shy and very sweet and far more intelligent than people gave her credit for."  She later recalled that Monroe showed her dedication by rehearsing her dance routines each evening after most of the crew had left, but she arrived habitually late on set for filming. Realizing that Monroe remained in her dressing room due to stage fright, and that Hawks (the director) was growing impatient with her tardiness, Russell started escorting her to the set.

These were my favorite outfits from the film.  It makes me want to start wearing berets!

Xoxo E


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