Goal Progress

I was recently talking to my friend Leslie about my first goal, being diciplined about sleep for the purpose of waking up refreshed to spend time in the bible and in prayer before the day starts, and she emphatically stated that it is something she struggles with as well. 

We came up with a plan:  Once a week we will be meeting at 6:30 am (ghastly early) at our local coffee joint to read our bibles and pray. 

We have met twice now and it has been working out wonderfully well.  Yet, it feels off that having a plan to meet Leslie and not wanting to stand her up is the main motivation for dragging my lazy butt out of my warm cozy bed!  Today when Leslie and I met, we talked about "why is it easier to not stand each other up, but so easy to blow off the Lord?"  It seems so backward - my plans with God in the morning should be my utmost priority; I should be more excited about that time with him than any other event or plans during the day.  Why don't I JUMP out of bed in the morning EXCITED for some precious time with God?  I still haven't come to a conclusion, but it is something that is heavy on my heart that I need to consider and think long and hard about. 

Xoxo E

Sources: Kai Gabrielle, Simply Seductive, Pia Jane Bijkerk, Studded Hearts


  1. Thank you for your honesty in this post. I love your insight <3


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