Nightstand Desk

Unfortunately, my bookworm tendencies have led to a bit of a fiasco - I have two nightstands both covered in crap with books on the floor and odds and ends dripping out of drawers and off of ledges.  It is not a pretty site to wake up to first thing in the morning - it does not lend itself to romanticizing the day.  I have recently been toying with the idea of replacing the two nightstands (both rescued from J's  mom's garage, and not the most functional) and getting either:

a. a vanity dressing table (photo from Country Living)

b. a secretary desk like this lovely one from Pottery Barn

 c. Building this wonderful creation I saw in Martha Stewart

I'm leaning toward option C!  As soon as I saw it I fell in love with it; it has everytthing a crafty bookworm artsy girl like me could ever want.  It is made out of two book shelves put together on one end with piano bench hinges.  The inside would have a secretary desk, bookshelves, a place to store craft goodies, I'd put in a mirror to use it as a vanity, and put a little area for files.  I don't love the exterior of the one in the picture but I'm sure I could figure out something cute.  

This is very exciting.  I went into crazy nesting mode today.  When we got home from work I planted an herb garden and rearranged some wall hangings, much to J's chagrin (He did not like being pulled up every few moments to help me hang things up high).  If I do end up constructing the bedside bookshelf workstation I'll post updates!

Xoxo E


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