Feliz Cinco De Mayo!!!

About a year ago J took me to a restaurant that was designed to look like a speak easy.  The entrance was in a side alley and we walked into a kitchen where a waiter picked us up by name, like he had been expecting us, and escorted us through rooms of what appeared to be a house crammed with tables of people eating the most delicious food you can imagine.  While there I had a blood orange margarita.  In honor of today's festivities I have tracked down a recipe to share!

Bloord Orange Margarita
Serves 4
1 cup white tequila
1/2 cup Triple Sec or Cointreau
2 tablespoons lime juice (about 1 lime)
1 cup blood orange juice, unstrained (2 to 3 blood oranges), plus 4 slices (for garnish)
2 cups ice
4 margarita glasses (freeze ahead of time)
Granulated sugar and cayenne pepper, for the glasses’ rim

In a pitcher, mix the tequila, the triple sec, the lime juice, and the blood orange juice.
Refrigerate about half an hour.
Spread a small mound of sugar on a small plate. Moisten the outer rim of 4 martini glasses with the orange wedge, then dip the rims into the sugar/pepper mixture to coat.
Add ice to the pitcher and stir well, then strain into the prepared glasses.
Garnish each margarita with a blood orange slice and serve. 

Xoxo E


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