Black Walls They Never Get Dirty, The Longer You Have Them The Blacker They Get...

One of my favorite bloggers (Blair at Delight by Design just did a post about charcoal walls and how she is not a huge fan of it being the prominant color of a space, but she found one design where she liked it (minus the chair) 

 I however have always been a lover of black walls done right.  They can be so chic; they can put the emphasis on what's in the room rather than the room itself.  This is making me want to paint our apartment black - which would not look good... Some black rooms done very well:

From Domino Mag.

Also from Domino Mag.

From Google...

xoxo E


  1. What about a black wall that is a giant chalk board?

    P.S. Very nice blog, you are so pretty and creative.


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