Right now I am loving Talavera pottery from Mexico.  It is so bright and colorful - so chic when grouped together to form designs.  I want to get 4 pieces and hang them as art in our bathroom (we need two wall decorators, because the generic apartment white walls are KILLING me! 

There is a tile store in the complex where my office is and I went over at lunch yesterday to browse and see if they had any pretty Mexican tiles.  They didn't have quite what I was looking for but I found two types I really liked.  When I had her look at the pricing, I decided to try and find something online - each tile was $50 so it would be $200 for the 4 I want to get. 

Thankfully I found my new favorite website when I got back.  It is called "Direct From Mexico" and they have not only the Talavera tiles I love, but beautiful iron and copper designs, and some neat furniture.  The tiles there are only $2!

Here is my favorite:

xoxo E 



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