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I've been keeping a journal for some time now where I put clippings of beautiful pictures, write down inspiring quotes, jot down story ideas, work on songs, etc. I call it my "Romanticizing the Regular" journal. I saw that title on a book in the back of someone's car I parked next to once - I thought it was an intriguing. I googled it but alas, no hits! This blog will be my attempt to write what I can imagine that "Romanticizing the Regular" book would have been about - making every day pulsate with interesting lovely things.Romantic things:

  • Watch the sunrise and/or sunset (winter -8am/4:30pm, summer 5am/9pm)

  • Wear beautiful lingerie every day, even if no one else will see it

  • Use good smelling soap

  • Wear perfume

  • Light candles

  • Take bubble baths

  • Keep fresh cut flowers around

  • Drink tea from china any old time!

xoxo E

Soap from: AlchemicMuse on Etsy


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